Brand it or lose it

CTI Dissemination Conference - Innovation Success Through R&D Reputation

22 September 2009
IBM Zurich Research Laboratory

Innovation management is increasingly being complemented by innovation marketing. The relationship between R&D reputation, its drivers and its impact on attracting complementary resources - such as research partners, talent and funding - has been demonstrated in an empirical study.

This research project was conducted by the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St.Gallen (ITEM-HSG), its innovation and intellectual property spin-off BGW AG, and IBM Research.



Prof. M. Kaiserswerth, IBM Research Zürich

Setting the frame

Prof. Dr. O. Gassmann, ITEM-HSG

Presentation of study results

W. Rumsch, ITEM-HSG

A case of successful research branding

Dr. E. Rütsche, IBM Research Zürich

Innovation communication at Nestlé

Dr. F. Lehmann, Nestlé

Research communication at EMPA

Dr. M. Hagmann, EMPA

Innovation branding service offerings

Dr. C.H. Wecht, BGW AG


Conference summary

Further Reading: R&D Reputation and Corporate Brand Value. Gassmann, O.; Rumsch, W.C.; Rütsche, E.; Bader M.A. (2009); Research-Technology Management; (52/4):16-19

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